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Adios, Newgrounds.

2015-04-30 09:10:32 by Psychojester53

I believe I'm gonna "leave" this place for good, I haven't logged in for months, I don't create content or make posts. I will leave this account here as an archive of the weird shit I did as a young teenager, but nothing other than that. This post is in case anybody wonders where I went. It's been one hell of a ride guys.


2015-02-27 17:49:23 by Psychojester53


I got an Instagram.

2014-09-08 09:03:54 by Psychojester53

Follow me if you like eggs.


2014-07-22 08:48:47 by Psychojester53


Yeah I'm still alive. Life's been rather hectic for the past few months, most of it not good stuff honestly, and I've not had a great chance to draw any new pictures or anything. 

I was hoping some of you guys could like my Facebook page to help motivate me to draw some new stuff again. I'll even start taking requests when I'm bored, dedicated to you.  <-- This link will take you right there! 

Also go ahead and like my good friend Ahmed's (aka LittleLuckyLink) art page as well, his shit is great. I'm sure most of you have heard of him.


I'll end this post with a handy tip: Masturbating is good for your prostate, preventing cancer and enlargement. So wank all you like!

Like me on facebook!

2014-03-02 09:30:14 by Psychojester53

I'll be posting more often there than I do here.

Would anybody want to buy my artwork?

2014-02-25 03:11:12 by Psychojester53

I know my artwork isn't particularly great, but would anybody be interested in buying prints of my art, or perhaps even t-shirts or mugs, etc, with my art on them?

If anybody were to do so, they'd be directly funding me getting a new graphics tablet, as my current one has broken and I can't do any more digital artwork right now :( I would be immensely grateful.

Let me know!


Edit:  incase anybody is interested.


2014-01-04 17:13:00 by Psychojester53

big old butts

Merry Christmas everybody! Not sure how long this new posting system has been around but I'm liking it, nice work Newgrounds! 

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves this christmas, got drunk, got fat, got your stockings full of useless stuff that you wanted, and so on.

Thumbs up!

Made a Tumblr account..

2013-11-27 17:33:50 by Psychojester53

Yeah, I made me a Tumblr account! Got a Deviantart one too. Expanding my audience for my art, I guess. So far though, I lack any followers :( If any of you guys like my art and have either a Tumblr or Deviantart account then please follow me, it'd be much appreciated.

Kindest regards, Butt man.